After having moderate box office returns after the last live action outing for the Smurfs, the little blue Belgian creations are going back to their animated roots with Smurfs: The Lost Village. Gone are all of our flesh and blood actors interacting with computer generated Smurfs in favor of the traditional Smurf story set in their hidden village made out of stylish mushrooms. The beats are still the same with the signature Smurfs trying to lead a peaceful life while avoiding evil wizard Gargamel and his whiny cat Azrael who want the magic living inside the Smurfs. Things get even more complicated when Smurfette takes off in search of a lost village that is hopefully populated with little blue men and women.

This new take on the Smurfs definitely has a classic Smurf feel, but with a shiny new computer animated package. Smurfs: The Lost Village plays like an episode of the old Saturday morning cartoon and here is where the problems start. The film tries to stretch content that would likely only fill a 15 minute animated short into a 89 minute feature-length film. The movie is very simple and it drags at times as you wait for the Smurfs to arrive at their destination. Plus it’s the same plot twists and characters we have seen over and over again. The Smurfs are looking to help others and Gargamel wants to kill them. End of story.

Smurfs: The Lost Village lacks the heartwarming nostalgia that made us over look past problems in the franchise. This new film seems to be nothing more than a cash grab looking to drum attention to help sell more Smurf merchandise. It’s hard to find a heart in Smurfs: The Lost Village, when it’s so obvious merchandising is the film’s main goal. This is an experience only the little ones will enjoy and your wallet will be the victim after the Smurfs: The Lost Village is over.

Overall, I give Smurfs: The Lost Village 1.5 out of 4 stars.

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