After a fifteen year hiatus from the big screen, Goldie Hawn is back teaming with today’s new comedic goofy blonde Amy Schumer in the new film Snatched. The two funny women play a mother and daughter tandem who are vastly different. Hawn’s Linda is a very conservative divorcée who spends most of her time preparing for the worst and trying to figure out Facebook. Schumer doesn’t stray too far from her stand up act or her character in Trainwreck as the self-absorbed and somewhat obnoxious Emily. After she gets dumped by her boyfriend before a non refundable exotic vacation to Ecuador, Emily convinces her conservative mother to tag along with her so she won’t be alone and hopefully show her a much-needed good time.

Both Schumer and Hawn have a natural chemistry in Snatched playing at odds family members trying to work together and save each other after they are kidnapped for some reason since they are told time and time again they are too old or too ugly to be sex slaves or ransomed for cash. There are quite a bit of hokey plot devices that don’t do anything for the film, but luckily Schumer is there to bring her sly wit to some of these silly scenes with Goldie Hawn showcasing the sweetness that we always loved about her.

The R-Rating also helps Snatched with gags involving exposed breasts, tapeworms and quite a bit of violence for a mother/daughter comedy than we are usually accustomed to. We are also treated to some delightfully weird characters including Christopher Meloni as an American adventurer who helps the ladies through the South American jungles and Emily’s Agoraphobic brother Jeffrey played by Ike Barinholtz. Jeffrey could have been a character that served as unwelcome distraction with no point during Snatched, but he is very funny and has some laugh out loud moments during the movie dealing with the Government as he attempts to save his sister and the mother who takes care of his every need.

Like most comedies Snatched has a few jokes that fall flat and the ones that click are not exactly groundbreaking. Still the movie does what it’s supposed to do as comedy which is make you laugh and the giggles are pretty steady throughout the film thanks to Hawn and Schumer. The 91 minute running time also helps the film’s cause preventing the outlandish antics from becoming stale after a few too many poorly executed gags. Snatched is your typical vacation gone wrong story that Hawn and Schumer make way better than it should be because of their presence.

Overall, I give Snatched 2.5 out of 4 stars.

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