So there I was scrolling through my social media feed when something caught my eye… shoes! I started watching the video of said shoes and immediately thought, “those are cute,” then a mere seconds later… I see the model take off the high heel part of the shoe and replace with a shorter block heel… but it didn’t stop there. All-in-all there were five different heels for one pair of shoes. My mind was officially blown. I continued my “research” and found out the name of the company is Mime et moi and it’s a German company.

Their website states, “FIVE HEELS, ONE SHOE. Mime et moi has revolutionized the way you walk. Thanks to the innovative height adjustment function, Mime et moi shoes are the perfect companion for the whole day. The heels, which vary in terms of height, shape, and color, can be swapped and fit easily into every handbag. Depending on how you feel, you can change the look, comfort, and style accordingly.” Get more info here:

I’m a person who loves shoes… yet it’s never comfortable wearing heels all day… (or night), so having a small heel tucked in my purse to switch out when my feet are tired without having to change my shoes seems like a dream come true.

They have a few different styles available at the moment, all of which I think are super cute (see below).

See all the ways you can switch them up…

Photos from:

So here’s the bad news… unfortunately… these shoes are not yet available in the US… wahhhhhhhhh!!! But believe me, I’ll be the first in line when they are.

Tara Wikoff | CW44 Tampa Bay



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