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FIN-ALL-YYYYYYYY, we have a new fashion trend for men (…that does not involve their facial hair. We get it, you guys can grow a beard… so cool!). Anyway, this week there is a ridiculous fashion trend that I, for one, can get behind… MEN’S ROMPERS! Sorry if I’m type-screaming (#ALLCAPS), but I simply cannot control my excitement!

I cannot wait to see all my guy friends dressed in outfits that you would typically see a two-year old child wearing.

“Am I allowed to pinch their cheeks? What shoes do they wear with it?”

I have so many questions.

Hopefully, the new trendy men’s rompers come with a button at the crotch because god forbid any guy have to deal with what women deal with when going to the bathroom in a romper… it’s not always pretty.

Anyway… my boyfriend just asked me, “is it weird that I kinda want one?” …so there’s that. If anything… it would be extremely amusing, and I’m definitely going to pinch his cheeks. 😉

Let’s see what Twitter has to say…




Tara Wikoff | CW44 Tampa Bay


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