“You know what goes great with a romantic wine and cheese date night? Why, purple stained teeth, of course!” – Said No One. Ever.

A great evening of red wine and good conversation shouldn’t be derailed because it looks like you ate a Teletubby, and one beautiful company agrees! Borracha, an American company with a heart of gold, created Wine Wipes because everyone should have the right to “Look Good. Drink Well.”

Credit: winewipes.com

Kimberly Walker, founder of Borracha, came up with an all natural way to remove wine stains from teeth while maintaining tooth integrity. Furthermore, Wine Wipes have an orange blossom flavor that won’t interfere with your palate, so you can continue to enjoy your wine.

But the genius doesn’t stop there. Borracha has created a slew of products to assist in your drinking escapades, including: a wine decanter and an insulated travel bottle.

Credit: winewipes.com

Coffee lovers can find safe haven with Borracha, as well. Pearly Wipes are peppermint flavored wipes perfect for your everyday coffee or tea stains!

Cheers to you, technology! Now, if you would please excuse me, I need to place an order for my Wine Wipes immediately.

Vanessa Rao | CW44 Tampa Bay


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