By Vanessa

He’s the guy who mows the lawn every weekend without question. He’s the guy who let you sneak a cookie before dinner after mom said “No!” He’s the guy who taught you how to drive, even when learning seemed hopeless. He’s your dad and he’s awesome!

Dad deserves an awesome gift and, this year, he will get an awesome gift. My Father’s Day gift guide will help you find the best gift for your dad. With the help of this list, you’ll be dad’s favorite kid this year!

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Subscription Box | Most dads are pretty simple (I mean that in the most loving way). They know what they like and that’s all they need. A subscription box service is the perfect gift for the dad that knows what he likes. Whether he’s a super-nerd or a mega-foodie, there’s a subscription box for every dad. Loot Crate, for instance, is nerd heaven in a box. Loot Crate is a monthly mystery crate for gamers, geeks and fans of pop culture, delivering cool items like collectibles, t‑shirts, gadgets and more. This subscription starts at $13.95. Mantry delivers a box filled with 6 full-sized food products to your door every 2 months. Recently, Mantry sent our a Bourbon BBQ box which included: Skillet Bacon Spread, Vermont Smoke & Cure Pepperoni, Bittermilk Old Fashioned, Chef’s Cut Chipotle Jerky, Halfpops Chipotle Popcorn and Hot Georgia Soul BBQ Sauce. This subscription starts at $59.

Super-hero Artwork | He fixes boo-boos, he builds shelves and he drives really fast when you’re in the car (unbeknownst to mom). He is super-dad and he is your hero! Immortalize him forever as his favorite super-hero on Pick your hero or create a custom character, send a picture and watch your super-dad come to life. Starts at $99.

Custom Bobble-Head | Most dad’s spend their days stuck in an office or behind a desk. Their work space is likely boring and drab. Give some life to that lame desk with a bobble-head; but not just any bobble-head, a custom bobble-head! creates a head-to-toe bobble-head customized by YOU with a picture of pops and a few of his favorite things. Start at $144.

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Custom Ice Cream | You’ve caught dad sneaking bites of your New York Super Fudge Chunk® one too many times. Stop the midnight thieving with your dad’s very own pint. Customize your flavor, your packaging and your title on Start at $59.99.

Man Crates | There is so much fluff in the world. Rainbows and butterflies clutter our minds. Get dad back to his manly core with a Man Crate. Whether your pops is a griller, a golfer, a gamer, a drinker, a fisher or a shaver, has what he needs all boxed up and ready for shipping. Oh, and there’s no fancy, red bow topping these boxes. Nope, you open these bad boys with a CROWBAR. Anywhere from $19.99 – $199.99.

Map Art | Dads, or rather men in general, always claim to know exactly where they’re going. “No dear, I don’t need a map. I know this area like the back of my hand.” Sure ya do, dad. Luckily, this gift will guarantee he’s always headed in the right direction. allows you to pick your dad’s favorite city, state, college campus or even wine region illustrated by a beautiful map. the sire allows you to choose your size and add a frame, if you wish. Start at $49.

Follow this guide and you’ll kill it this Father’s Day!

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