The 4th of July isn’t just a day to dress up and look patriotic, it’s also a day to spend time with friends and family and  celebrate the birth of our nation!

If you’re looking to throw a party or a small get together with friends before the fireworks and you’re not quite sure what to serve, then you’re in the right place! Here are some ideas for food, drinks and desserts to create the perfect menu for your Independence Day Bash!

1. Drinks:

  • 4th of July Punch- If you’re looking for a drink that shows your American pride, then this is the drink for you! This punch involves 3 layers of ice and sugary drinks. According to the recipe, you have to be careful not to mix the two drinks together or else the drink will turn purple. Here is the recipe so you can make it on your own.
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  • Raspberry Lemonade- If you’re looking for something more refreshing, then look no further than raspberry lemonade! This drink is the right amount of sweetness to quench your 4th of July thirst. The recipe is easy, fun and will make your party guests coming back for more. It is also the perfect drink to add a little something extra to… you can easily add your favorite alcoholic beverage for more of a grown up drink. Find the recipe here.
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2. Food:

  • Sliders- I couldn’t go through a whole post about food on 4th of July without mentioning some form of hamburgers. This 4th of July classic is reinvented with the slider, a smaller version (about a 1/4 of the size) of a regular burger. They’re perfect for parties because you can eat them in one bite and not worry about making a huge mess. If you want to make sliders for your party on the 4th, find the recipe here.
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  • Mac and Cheese Muffins- This recipe puts a whole new spin on the American classic, mac and cheese. Your party goers will love this combination of mac and cheese and a cracker crumb crust. You can’t go wrong with this item on your party menu, here is the recipe.
  • Corn Dogs- This recipe is the perfect snack to have at a 4th of July party. According to the website, this corn dog recipe is a replica of Sonic’s famous corn dogs. She says they come pretty close to the original and that they’re very easy to make. Here’s the recipe if you decide to make this special treat.

3. Deserts:

  • Red, White and Blue Jello Treats- This a treat that everyone will love! All you need to make this patriotic inspired treat are plastic cups, red and blue jello, some cool whip and a little bit of patience. If you want to make this treat for a more mature “above 21 crowd”, then just add your choice of vodka. Here is a recipe I found while surfing through the internet. It leans more toward a mature crowd, but you can always get rid of the alcohol if need be.
  • Cake, Cake, Cake… Pops!- What’s the point of celebrating our nations birthday if you can’t eat cake? It’s even better if you can make cake pops! This treat is as fun and easy to make as it is to eat. Keeping with the red, white and blue color scheme, you can make an American flag out of the cake pops when you plate them. Here is a website with this fun recipe.
(Photo Credit: www.

(Photo Credit: www.

  • American Spirit Pretzel Sparklers- I found this treat and I thought it was perfect for a 4th of July party. All you need are pretzel rods, melted chocolate, and patriotic colored sprinkles. Here is a recipe to help you with this easy treat!

Hopefully you’re not too hungry after looking at all this delicious food (I know I am!). But now with a few ideas in mind, you can set out to make your own menu for your 4th of July function. Have fun and happy 4th of July!

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Ariel Schiller/ CW44 Tampa Bay


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