After years of careful examination, we finally understand the delicate nuances of Audrey Hepburn’s flawless, classic style.

Whether you’re wearing a black turtleneck or opera gloves, the iconic star’s signature look is the ultimate source of inspiration. In the video above and in the steps below, Rebook breaks down Audrey Hepburn’s 10 unspoken rules of style.

Rule 1 – Cinch Your Waist | Ms. Hepburn was known for her slight figure, but by cinching her waist, she would create the illusion of the perfect hour-glass.

Rule 2 – Borrow from the Boys | Audrey showed off her playful side with the occasional suit and bow-tie.

Rule 3 – Invest in Penny Loafers | Luckily, this rule is very on trend at the moment, and loafers are a great alternative to flats.

Rule 4 – Rock a Red Lip| Red lipstick is the best accessory.

Rule 5 – Oversized Glasses Are a Must | There is something mysterious and classic about a woman wearing oversized sunnies. Just be sure to find the right shape for your face.

Rule 6 – When Formal, Keep It Simple | Let the gown or dress speak for itself. Accessorize with care.

Rule 7 – Stripes Go with Everything | Stripes are versatile, and vertical stripes can be very flattering. Have some fun and experiment pairing your stripes with contrasting patterns.

Rule 8 – When In Doubt, LBD | The Little Black Dress is ALWAYS a yes!

Rule 9 – All Black Everything | Most fashionistas are hip to this rule, but an all black ensemble is slimming, flattering and chic.

Rule 10 – Stay Classic | Trends come and go, but classic style lasts forever.

Keep it classy, friends!