These red, white, and blue layered shots are sure to impress.

Follow the steps below or watch the video above to make your own Rocket Jello Shots!

Add Berry Blue Jell-O to Hot Water and Stir

Add Cherry Jell-O to Hot Water and Stir

Add Milk & Geletin to Bowl

Add Milk, Sugar & Vanilla to Pot on Stove & Warm

Add Stove Mixture to Mixture of Milk & Gelatin & Stir

Add Vodka to All Mixtures

In Plastic Shot Glasses, Layer Blue Jell-O, Refrigerate for 15 Minutes

Add Milk Layer, Refrigerate for 15 Minutes

Add Red Jell-O Layer, Refrigerate for 2 Hours

Top Off with Sparkler Candle


Cheers to ‘Murica!


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