Acting was almost a thing of the past for Riverdale‘s Cole Sprouse.

After a successful career as a child acting, Cole and his twin brother Dylan, decided to take a break from the world of Hollywood to focus on higher education. After, Cole was unsure about returning to acting. He said, “I went over to California from New York for a single week and I told my manager, ‘If I don’t book anything this pilot season, I’m never coming back to this!'”

Luckily, Riverdale swooped in to save the day! That week, Cole booked the role of Jughead with The CW and was forced to stick to his word. However, the role didn’t put Cole’s mind at ease too much. He said, “This whole last year and a half has been a process of me discovering if this is still the right choice or not. I don’t think Ill ever be satisfied with the answer because I have an entire lifetime of critical thinking to complicate why this choice is so big and it come from childhood and all this, yada, yada, yada. I felt ready for it and that’s an important indicator.”

Selfishly, we are so happy Cole made the decision to be our Jughead and we hope he to see more of him!