At The CW portion of the Television Critics Association Summer Tour, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow actress Caity Lotz chats with about the just-announced air dates for the 2017 four-show crossover event.

The crossover episodes were announced for November 27th and 28th, and Lotz has lots to tell us! Though she didn’t spill too much about the plot of the crossovers, she did say she is super excited and that “it is completely different from last year, which is great.”

She went on to says, “I’m curious to see how it all meshes together, but it’s very lovely.”

Lotz also said that if it were up to her, she would work with Candice Patton more. She said, “Me and Candice are good friends, so I want Sara [Lance] and Iris West to hang out. We both want that to happen.”

Ok, that wasn’t much, but it’ll keep us going until the crossover event in November!


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