Marvel rules the cinematic universe game, but Warner Bros. has been quietly building another film franchise besides the DC Extended Film Universe on a smaller scale. The Conjurverse based on the real life ghost busting husband and wife team the Warrens from The Conjuring series, has been growing with more films and will continue to expand on the awful entities the paranormal scientists encounter in the future. After two Conjuring films and one Annabelle prequel, the series continues to develop with another Annabelle prequel that looks to right the wrongs from the first movie.

Annabelle: Creation goes back to the evil doll’s roots and how she became such a violent menace for anyone who comes into contact with the creepy toy. The first Annabelle entry was very profitable only costing $6 million to produce and grossing over $250 million worldwide, but was critically panned unlike the The Conjuring. The story was silly and relied to heavy on cheap thrills. This new entry Creation corrects the mistakes from the first film and creates a freaky new experience that is sure to give you goosebumps.

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This new film in the Conjurverse takes place in the house Annabelle was created in with a group of orphans who are forced to live there after they lose their home. Things seem off from the start as doors in the home remained locked permanently and unknown things make a major bump in the middle of the night. Annabelle: Creation starts the uneasy vibe from the beginning of the film and unravels the mystery at a nice pace where the audience won’t be feeling a slow burn waiting for the ghosts to make their spiritual presence known.

Kids in peril are a classic and reliable tool for filmmakers to scare the heck out of viewers and Annabelle: Creation shows it still works with children being terrorized by the dark forces attached to the home. You’ll jump out of your seat as things appear out of the darkness and get the chills when the old doll stares you down in her quest for souls. Annabelle: Creation is a major improvement over the last film and even contains a few Conjurverse Easter Eggs from previous films with hints as to what wicked things are to come in this upstart horror franchise.

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Overall, I give Annabelle: Creation 3 out of 4 freaky stars.

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