As huge fans of Arrow and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, it’s only natural that we’re a bit curious how these shows get made. Luckily, this exclusive Collider interview with showrunner Marc Guggenheim is here to illuminate us!

Collider sat down with the busy showrunner/writer/executive producer for an in-depth conversation about how the shows are put together and what it’s like coming up with the storylines for both shows.

Guggenheim shared plenty of behind-the-scenes details about making the shows and working with the studio. He also discussed the upcoming crossover episodes, the finales, Easter eggs, themes of the new seasons, what’s coming up for Felicity Smoak this season, the amazing stunt team, their lack of Emmy nominations, how they cast Michael Emmerson, how many seasons they’re aiming for, how Slade Wilson factors Arrow season 6 and SO much more! Phew, that’s a LOT for one interview!

Watch the full interview in the video above. ⇑⇑


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