Sure, you’re Riverdale’s biggest fan, but how much do you know about the cast? Here are 11 facts you definitely didn’t know about the Riverdale cast.

  1. Cole Sprouse didn’t want to be on Riverdale.
  2. Cole auditioned to play Archie, but fell in love with the role of Jughead.
  3. Lili Reinhart and Madelaine Petsch are roommates.
  4. Lili and Cole are dating.
  5. Cole and Camila Mendes went to NYU together.
  6.  Riverdale is Camila’s first acting job.
  7. K.J. Apa is a natural brunette. He bleaches his hair every 2 weeks.
  8. K.J. was born in New Zealand.
  9. Cole dyes his hair for the role, as well.
  10. Camila’s Veronica is inspired by Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl
  11. Lili burst into tears when she found out she landed the role of Betty.

Okay, that kept us busy for 5 minutes… WE CAN’T WAIT FOR MORE RIVERDALE!

Don’t miss the season premiere on October 11th at 8pm on CW44!


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