Director Marc Forster is no stranger to unique human dramas directing projects like Monster’s Ball, Stranger Than Fiction and The Kite Runner that show the flaws in the characters being examined. In his new film All I See Is You,  Forster exposes the audience to one of the most unlikable couples on the big screen in years. The story revolves around a married couple living in Bangkok who receive a miracle that they completely squander with their flawed thinking.

Blake Lively plays Gina, a married woman who was left blind after a childhood accident who lives with her caring husband James played by the underrated Jason Clarke. The two have a loving relationship, but all that changes when Gina receives a life changing surgery regaining her sight. This may seem like a sweet love story with Gina discovering the world again with her loyal husband by her side, but things take a dark turn full of insecurities and selfish acts that makes this duo unbearable to watch in All I See Is You.

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The film tries so hard to be provocative that it’s almost embarrassing to watch at times as All I See Is You awkwardly builds two despicable characters viewers are forced to observe. Gina and James garner zero sympathy from the audience and are a bore to watch for most of All I See Is You. The movie feels incredibly long even with a running time of only an hour and fifty minutes as you are forced to watch these two characters receive a blessing only to waste it for petty and selfish reasons.

All I See Is You is work that is supposed to make you think about what you would do in a situation like this, but mostly you’ll just be wondering when this dud will be over with. The characters are terrible and the plot is pretty stupid leaving countless loose ends that seem pretty pointless at the end of the film. It’s always so odd to see a movie try so hard to make the audience dislike the ideas being explored on-screen.

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Overall, I give All I See Is You 0.5 out of 4 stars.

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