Black Friday might be the biggest shopping day of the year, but it’s important that you’re not blinded by a so called “good deal.”

Throughout the year, there are many items that can be found for lower prices than you’ll see on Black Friday. Here are some tips for your Black Friday shopping spree.

Avoid buying brand name TVs. It’s better to buy a TV in late December as retailers make room for next year’s models.

Avoid buying high-end DSLR Cameras. Like TVs, most retailers slash camera prices in December to make room for new versions.

Winter items, such as coats, are a better bargain in January. With the change of the season comes lower prices.

If you’re looking for toys, wait! Two weeks before Christmas is prime toy-buying time. If it’s a must-have toy that may sell out, buy it early. If not, it’s better to wait. The deals will be better as Christmas approaches.

Happy shopping!


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