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Oh, the New Year’s Resolution; that ominous, big, pink elephant in the room. It stands looming before us on January 1st, begging for our attention. It is no friend, but an enemy with sharp claws and a pension for ruining our good spirit. It must be stopped!

But wait, is that hope we see on the horizon? Why, yes! There is hope for our friendship with the New Year’s Resolution. We must treat the cunning Resolution like an angry girlfriend and change our tone. With this list, we will win! Swap these 9 Resolutions for their achievable partners and you will find victory over your 2018 New Year’s Resolution!

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According to a study University of Scranton. Journal of Clinical Psychology on Dec. 27th 2015, 45% of Americans said they usually make resolutions. Only 8% of Americans who make a resolution are successful. Let’s stop this epidemic.

weightLose Weight -> Lose 10 Pounds by Summer | Setting a lofty and empty goal like “lose weight” sounds motivating, but it doesn’t create immediacy and it can be intimidating. Set a clear, and perhaps easy to attain, goal to motivate and excite you. If you reach that goal, like “lose 10 lbs by the summer,” you’ll be more motivated to keep going.

Exercise More -> Go on 3 Walks Per Week |  Start slow. Yes, this resolution sounds small, but it will get you up and moving. Overtime, you will get bored with your easy goal and you’ll want to up the ante. It’ll be easier to start running or hit the gym more often.


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Get More Sleep -> Go to Bed an Hour Earlier Than Usual 3 Times a Week | Set a real and realistic goal, like this one. Again, this seems like a small adjustment, but it won’t take long for your body to become accustomed to this new ritual.

Read More -> Buy/Borrow a Book and Read 1 Chapter Before Bed | This is a great way to start small. If you find a book you really enjoy, one chapter will easily turn into a few. Plus, reading before bed is a great way to wind down and help you fall asleep faster.


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Shop Less -> Limit Yourself to 1 Shopping Trip/Month and Budget the Trip | I’ll admit, this can be challenging, especially with a Target around every corner. But this is a clear goal that will help you become more aware of what you NEED, save you money and make shopping a special experience again.

Be Kinder -> Do 1 Good Deed/Week | This may sound silly, but it’s easy to get caught up in ourselves when we’re busy or stressed. Make a conscious effort to do something nice for someone once a week and you’ll soon find that it feels good to be kind – and yes, that rhymes so it must be true.

Stop Drinking (Booze) -> Drink (x) Number of Drinks 1 Day/Week | Again, a clear goal makes this resolution much less intimidating. Now, this all depends on how much you drink, but start small. If you drink 4 times/week, narrow it down to 3, and so on. It’ll become easier to whittle away at your drinking frequency if you start small.

Get Organized -> Choose 1 Organizing Project/Week | A cluttered life can cause a cluttered mind, but taking on too much can cause insanity. Choose 1 aspect of your life – i.e. your desk, your car, your garage, your calendar, etc. – and organize that 1 aspect. Remove unnecessary clutter, create ‘To Do” lists and cross tasks off when finished, download a planner app to better organize your day. After a month, most of your projects will be done and your life will be more organized.


Curse Less -> Sorry, You’re on Your Own With This One…

Happy New Year, and good luck!

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