Regifting is a perfect save when you’re in a crunch and need a present, but it can easily backfire.

Miss Lora, etiquette expert and author of Y’all Are Rude!, has some key advice on what NOT to do when regifting.

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Don’t Give a Gift That Makes No Sense | Think about the person. Try to envision the person using the gift.

Don’t Regift in the Same Circle of Friends/Family | When you receive a gift that you’re not fond of, put a note on it with the name of the person who gave it to you.  This will help you avoid regifting to someone in the same circle.

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Don’t Keep the Original Wrapping | Reused wrapping is a BIG RED FLAG. It screams “Regift!” Sped a couple of bucks to buy some new wrapping to make the gift unique to the new receiver.

The Best Regifting Items

  • Gift cards – with a FULL balance
  • Cash
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Hope this helps!