Regifting is a perfect save when you’re in a crunch and need a present, but it can easily backfire.

Miss Lora, etiquette expert and author of Y’all Are Rude!, has some key advice on what NOT to do when regifting.

Don’t Give a Gift That Makes No Sense | Think about the person. Try to envision the person using the gift.

Don’t Regift in the Same Circle of Friends/Family | When you receive a gift that you’re not fond of, put a note on it with the name of the person who gave it to you.  This will help you avoid regifting to someone in the same circle.

Don’t Keep the Original Wrapping | Reused wrapping is a BIG RED FLAG. It screams “Regift!” Sped a couple of bucks to buy some new wrapping to make the gift unique to the new receiver.

The Best Regifting Items

  • Gift cards – with a FULL balance
  • Cash

Hope this helps!