Valentine’s Day is fast approaching (February 14th, in case you forgot) and it’s time to make plans!

With our busy schedules, it’s not always easy to make time for your loved ones. Not to worry, these 8 date ideas will save your Valentine’ Day!

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Breakfast In Bed |  Instead of going out and fighting the crowds, stay in your pjs and enjoy breakfast in bed.

Head to a Festival | Chinese and Vietnamese New Year fall on Feb. 16th, so try something unique and head to one of their festivals.

Double Date | have a fun double date with friends to celebrate the season of love.

Cook Together | Cooking is a tasty, romantic and fun way to share your love.

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Go Wine Tasting | Tampa Bay has a slue of wineries and wine tasting experiences. Get to know our city and learn a little more about wine.

Adopt a Pet | Check out one of Tampa Bay’s local shelters and express your shared love to an animal in need.

Netflix and Chill | Have some much-needed alone time with your SO, tackle your watch list and relax. We could all use a day of relaxing.

Take a Hike | Appreciate the beauty of nature with your loved one. Turn your phones off and just enjoy your surroundings.

PS |V-Day can be a day for you, too! ALL of these date ideas work if you’re single or spending Valentine’s Day with friends. Enjoy it!

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