DES MOINES, Iowa (CBS Local) — A litter of puppies thrown over a bridge into an icy creek and left for dead are now full of life and loving their new families.

Fourteen newborn puppies, nicknamed the bridge puppies, were rescued in January from Honey Creek in western Iowa, the Des Moines Register reported. Each weighed only around 10 ounces. One still had an umbilical cord attached.

AHeinz57 Pet Rescue in De Soto took in the newborn puppies and nursed them back to health.

“The day I saw them on TV I had to have one,” said Amy Palmer, who adopted one of the bridge puppies.

Palmer adopted Olivia, “the runt of the litter that was 5 pounds and now checks in at 31 pounds.” She was one of a dozen of the dogs reunited Sunday in Des Moines for the first time after being adopted.

“It is just amazing how they have grown and progressed and flourished,” Palmer told CBS affiliate KCCI.

Jennifer Eaton, who also adopted one of the bridge puppies, said seeing all the dogs together after nearly six months warms her heart because they share a close bond.

“It gave me goosebumps … because really the only time we’ve seen each (of) them (together) is the day we all met out there in this tiny little room [at AHeinz57],” said Jennifer Eaton, who also adopted one of the bridge puppies.

Those who adopted the bridge puppies have kept in touch through a private Facebook page. They say this won’t be the last reunion. They are already planning another get-together when the dogs turn 1 year old in January.