Court is back in session! The Tanya Acker, Patricia DiMango and Michael Corriero of Hot Bench are back again this week with an all new slate of cases to dole out justice on. This week topics include a professor and student coming to blows over the Kardashians, a junior year graduation party that did five figures worth of damage and the return of Bagel Boss as the diminutive dynamo is back on television with his latest controversy.

CBS Local’s Matt Weiss spoke to Acker, DiMango and Corriero about this week’s episodes and what they make of each of these polarizing cases.

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MW: Good morning everyone!

All: Good morning, Matt!

MW: Happy to speaking with you all again today about this week’s cases and Tanya, I’d like to start this first case with you. We have this weird exchange between a professor and his student and it all revolves around the Kardashian family somehow. Can you break down exactly what’s going on here and what both sides are claiming went down?

TA: This is a really fascinating case. It involves a conflict between a student and a professor. The student took offense to the fact that the professor one day in his course wanted to include a story or discussion about the Kardashians, about Kim Kardashian, her decision to go to law school, this came on the heels of her participation in successful efforts in getting somebody out of jail.

The student thought it was an inappropriate topic for classroom discussion and said some pretty insulting things about her that the professor thought was not appropriate for a classroom. The professor also had a counter claim against the student because the student had allegedly made threats against him and stalked him at other campuses. The case really implicates all sorts of questions about what people are entitled to or rather how people are entitled to express themselves in classrooms and really what are the limits of free speech and protest, tune in.

PD: It’s really important because a lot of students think they can dictate what goes on in a classroom. When in fact the professor here was really here seeking to stimulate conversation and in part he was stimulating it, because this particular student took it way too far. He had an opinion about whether or not Kim Kardashian should be in college, it wasn’t necessarily the right opinion, but nevertheless it did spark conversation.

MW: And this isn’t the only case you all have this week where it involves younger people. We also have this case where a father and his son rent out an expensive home for a junior year graduation party. Personally I didn’t know junior year graduations were celebrated, that may have been the first red flag…


PD: Even for a multi-millionaire party. I mean yeah, that was even shocking to me, where at first I thought it was a senior year graduation, but he graduated junior year and his father rented for him a $3M home, but he rented it under the pretense that he was just going to have a few couples over for dinner and perhaps a few of his son’s friends. Then he left the property, his son had a guest list of more than 80 people, over 100 high school students showed up, drinking, doing drugs, and trashed this woman’s $3M home to the tune of approximately $10,000. The father’s defense, ‘I really didn’t know he was going to have a party.’

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Meanwhile the father hired, lighting, music, bouncers. I don’t know what he thought what was going to happen at this three couple dinner, but they must have been thinking of throwing a lot of food around. Bottom line is he said, even if we did do damage we cleaned it up and she’s suing for way too much money, you’ll see what we figured out.

MW: And last case here, Michael, I want to talk to you about this one, you’re a New Yorker, I’m actually from Long Island myself so this case hits a little close to home for both of us. So we have the Bagel Boss guy who initially was supposed to box Lenny Dykstra, then Dykstra backed out. Next he was supposed to box Screech from Saved By The Bell and Bagel Boss guy backed out. So now Bagel Boss is saying he never had an agreement in the first place, whereas the promoter is saying there was, a lot of back and forth here from probably shady characters on both sides, so what do you make of this whole situation?


MC: It’s very interesting. The important thing was there was a written contract and what really kind of set off the plaintiff in this case was the fact that after the defendant backed out of the fight, he posted a video on the internet where he was gloating over the fact that he fooled the plaintiff into thinking that he was going to be involved in the fight. I think it has some very interesting twists and turns as we reviewed it.

MW: Yeah, the bagel boss guy doesn’t seem to go away here. This guy is really milking his 15 minutes.

TA: Oh yeah and that’s all it really was, him acting out in a NY bagel store, carrying on about how women didn’t want to date him because he was short and he made this name for himself when this video went viral and he just continued to act up throughout, but he was well behaved on our show.

MW: Well I’m glad he was on his best behavior for the three of you at least! Thank you all so much for talking with me today, have a good day and look forward to seeing this all unfold this week.

All: Thanks Matt!

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