(CBS Local)– Candice Carty Williams is still processing the fact that she’s an author.

The author never anticipated that her book about London would be read all over the world. The book is titled “Queenie” ant it’s the first one for Carty-Williams.

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The book chronicles the journey of a 25-year-old Jamaican British woman named Queenie Jenkins who lives in London. Carty-Williams learned a lot about herself and our culture when she wrote this novel.

“It’s such a personal story, but it is one that is universal as well,” said Carty-Williams in an interview with CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith. “Whoever you are, you are touching on some of themes of the book in your own life like mental health, identity, and bad dates. We kind of all know that stuff and it’s hard to not find yourself in some way.”

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All of the men in the novel have names with only three letters. The move was intentional from Carty-Williams because she wanted her main character Queenie to be the focal point of the novel.

“It’s not autobiographical, but it’s themes that I’ve borrowed from my life and my friends’ lives,” said Carty-Williams. “When I set out to write this, I said this is going to be the year in the life of this black girl. I learned that I’ve absorbed more than I realize and getting this out was catharsis. I was carrying my stuff and stuff from my mom’s generation and all of my friends. It was really nice to release it.”

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“Queenie” is available wherever books are sold.