(July 16, 2020) – Hillsborough County Emergency Policy Group members today extended a state of local emergency enacted in response to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

By Florida statute, a state of local emergency can be in effect for only seven days, unless rescinded. The declaration gives the County Administrator and emergency managers the ability to quickly take certain actions to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of the community, and provides a path for federal reimbursement of certain expenses.

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Data presented today to EPG members included the following observations:

  • There were 21,018 total positive cases in Hillsborough County on July 13, an increase of 30% from one week earlier.
  • The rolling 14-day average of cases is 679 per day, an increase of 30%.
  • The rolling 14-day daily positive rate is 16.16%, based upon the daily test results.
  • COVID-19 hospitalization admission rates have shown a general upward trend as reported by the Florida Department of Health.
  • An analysis of cases by ZIP code shows that community-based transmission of the virus is widespread.

The Hillsborough County Emergency Policy Group is comprised of three County Commissioners, the mayors from the cities of Plant City, Tampa, and Temple Terrace, the Sheriff, and Chairman of the School Board. Authority is granted by Article 8 of the Florida Constitution, Section 125.66 and Chapter 252, Florida Statutes. Hillsborough County enacted Hillsborough County Code of Ordinances and Laws Chapter 22, Article II, Sections 22-23 in order to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the County’s residents during declared emergencies.

The next EPG meeting is scheduled Monday, July 20 at 1:30 p.m.

Other Hillsborough County News

COVID-19 Dashboard makes coronavirus data accessible to residents. To help residents make the most informed decisions to keep themselves and their families safe, Hillsborough County has launched a comprehensive COVID-19 coronavirus dashboard, easily accessible on the County’s website at HCFLGov.net/Covid19Dashboard. The dashboard, an aggregate of such important data as testing numbers, positive cases, and the number of COVID-19 patients being treated in local hospital systems, is laid out on a clear, easily digestible webpage. The dashboard utilizes the most up-to-date data available in Hillsborough County, and is just the latest tool to be added to HCFLGov.net/Stay Safe, Hillsborough County’s public safety website.

Please don’t flush it. After you wipe down surfaces in your home or office, make sure those disposable wipes make it to your trash can. Flushing wipes, even those labeled as “flushable,” can create a costly plumbing mishap in your home later. Visit HCFLGov.net/DontFlush.

Free non-contact thermometers available for small businesses in Hillsborough – Operators of small businesses in Hillsborough County may request a non-contact infrared forehead thermometer, free of charge, from the Hillsborough County Office of Emergency Management. There is a limited supply available, with restrictions of one per business. To make a request, submit this form: https://hcflgov.formstack.com/forms/non_contact_infrared_thermometer_for_small_businesses. Instructions for pickup will be provided at the time the request is approved.

Face Covering Business Toolkit helps businesses in Hillsborough County comply with executive order. Following the EPG’s Executive Order requiring that face coverings be worn inside businesses open to the public and certain operations run by non-profit organizations, Hillsborough County created a digital toolkit. The toolkit includes printable posters of safety tips and FAQ’s, door signs, and social media graphics. Each item is available in English and Spanish. Downloading, printing, and sharing is encouraged to protect workers and customers.

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