Bill Dudley: “I feel confident in it. We’re doing all we can do. We’re at a point right now where I think we can move forward.”

PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. (CW44 News At 10) – Pinellas County School officials called a special board meeting Tuesday morning to discuss the latest changes to the districts reopening plans. The board has officially adopted face coverings for students and staff. Other details from transportation to cafeteria seating were also discussed and presented nearly finalizing all plans. 

Last month, the school board voted on their biggest change to push the start of the school year back by almost two weeks. This allowed  more time for teachers and students to prepare.

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Tuesday’s meeting lasted eight hours as officials went over every detail left on the table. “We can get the buses moving out of the bus ramps. Even going so far as to find, maybe a place down the street, a parking lot, something like that where the drivers can pull in, wipe down before they pick up that next student,” said Clint Herbic, Assoc. Superintendent, Operational Services.

Questions aligning with brick and mortar style schooling ranged from sick leave to directional hallways and eliminating student locker options. “If you have a pending COVID-19 test, you are not to report to work,” said Sara O’Toole, Managing Officer, School Health Services. “The employees and visitors will complete a self-screening tool each day. The district will inform and encourage our parents to conduct that self-screening for their child each day,” said Paula Texel, Assoc. Superintended, Human Resources.

District officials say every turn has been accounted for. “We’re going to have to live this to kind of see how this works but these experts are going to be visiting our schools before and after students are coming back to give us advice and also they’re going to be making calls in terms of the quarantine,” said Superintendent of the district, Dr. Michael Grego.

“I feel confident in it. We’re doing all we can do. We’re at a point right now where I think we can move forward,” said Bill Dudley, Pinellas County School Board.

The district has returned to its normal hours of operation to assist families with registration including some extended hours. For the complete details visit Pinellas County Schools Reopening Plan website.

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