POLK COUNTY, Fla. (CW44 News At 10) – Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd took a few moments of his day, Friday to turn a Florida woman’s foible into a teachable moment on Facebook to other would-be criminals.

The unidentified Florida woman was reportedly traveling to her probation check urinalysis test when she was arrested. The arresting officers apparently overlooked the small bottle of urine while detaining and cuffing the suspect and she made no mention of said bottle.

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Following her handcuffed arrival to the Polk County Jail, the woman was subjected to the booking process when officers located the concealed bottle of urine. It’s at this point when the woman was charged with introduction of contraband into a detention facility. She was subsequently charged by her probation officer with defrauding a urine test.

Sheriff Judd was also kind enough to list a few other items arrestees have attempted to smuggle into his jail facility:

Baggies of drugs
Glass pipes
Cell phones
Stuff wrapped in cellophane
Stuff wrapped in latex gloves
Stuff wrapped in cloth
Homemade weapons

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Sheriff Judd advises anyone that finds themselves under arrest that they make the arresting officers aware of any contraband before arriving at the prison facility.

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