Hundreds of people gathered at Idlewild Baptist Church to lay Officer Madsen to rest.

TAMPA, Fla. (CW44 News At 10) – The Tampa Bay community is mourning the loss of Jesse Madsen, fallen Tampa Master Police Officer. Tuesday was his funeral. He died a week ago while trying to stop a wrong-way driver.

Hundreds of people gathered at Idlewild Baptist Church to lay Master Police Officer Madsen to rest. The church was filled with emotion and tears as family members told stories about how selfless and loving he was.

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Last Tuesday a dispatcher made this call: “Master Police Officer, Jesse Madsen, please respond…All units, be advised, Master Police Officer, Jesse Madsen is not responding.”

Lauren Cherup, a friend of Madsen’s says, “You could hear a pin drop outside and I could see his wife and I could hear her. I could hear her start crying when they did his final call.”

Danielle Madsen, Jesse’s wife says “Jesse was a devoted father, husband, son, brother, friend, warrior and protector. To my immediate family, he was not an in-law, he was our rock. He was our everything.”

With a shaky voice, Danielle Madsen spoke in front of hundreds of people about her husband, Master Police Officer, Jesse Madsen.

“He made time to take his boys fishing and hunting. He would let his daughter paint his toenails, sing and dance with her,” said Danielle Madsen.

On March 9, Tampa Master Police Officer Jesse Madson tried to stop a wrong-way driver on I-275. The driver crashed into Madsen’s car, killing both of them.

Jane Castor, Tampa Mayor, says “Jesse has earned eight life-saving awards including the incident that claimed his life.”

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Throughout the funeral on Tuesday, he was remembered.

David Goodwald, a friend of Jesse’s, says “’J’ was a lion. He was cut from a stone that very few can comprehend or understand. He was genuine.”

Cherup says Madsen had a passion for helping people.

“Just a selfless person all around and not just as a [officer], but as a human being,” said Cherup.

He now leaves behind two sons and a daughter.

“She asked me the other night, ‘Mom, who will walk me down the aisle with me at my wedding. I died even more inside and I promised her we all will,” said Danielle Madsen.

Tampa Police Chief Brian Dugan says his officers will continue Madsen’s legacy and he will never be forgotten.

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Madsen was buried at the Florida National Cemetery in Bushnell, Florida.