It’s been one week since local college students returned to campus at the University of South Florida for their fall semester.

“I’ve been, just really excited to get back in person on campus,” said Ellie Levesque a senior at USF. Like many college students, Levesque has navigated her way through classes and study halls without the typical college experience.

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“After being remote for a little over a year, especially with my student organizations. I’m really excited to see members and meet new people and just see my friends,” she said.

USF returned to fully operational for the first time since August 2019. And just a week into th semester, students like Levesque say they’ve been making the best of it.

“I’m always trying to go to those in-person classes because that’s what I really love and what I need for my education,” said Levesque. “You know, I’ve been taking all the precautions that I can to keep myself safe and to keep others safe when I’m around them on campus.”

With health and safety precautions working for her, Levesque says she can focus on the many tasks at hand.

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“I’m the President of Planned Parenthood, Generation Action at USF Tampa and I’m also the President of the Interfaith Students for Reproductive Health and Justice. I’m really trying to get the student organizations back up and running to their fullest potential since we’ve been virtual and get people really involved and amped up,” she explained.

Afterall, it’s not just any year for her.

“I am working on law school applications right now,” she said.

CW44’s Andrea Alvarez asked if Levesque feels that the pandemic is stopping her from doing moving forward with her goals.

“No. Even if there’s any barriers, I’m going to push through them,” said Levesque in response.

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To view USF’s campus protocols and health and safety guidelines, click here.