(CW44 News At 10 | CNN) –The TV series, ‘Ted Lasso’ will end with season three, writer-star says.

Series writer and co-star Brett Goldstein told the UK’s Sunday Times that the Emmy-winning Apple TV+ comedy was always going to be just three seasons.

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“We are writing it like that,” said Goldstein, who plays Roy Kent on the show. “It was planned as three. Spoiler alert: everyone dies.”

But the fate of the beloved series is ultimately up to co-creators Jason Sudeikis, Brendan Hunt and Bill Lawrence. Sudeikis has hinted that he doesn’t know what happens after the third season.

Lawrence told The Hollywood Reporter last year it’s up to Sudeikis, who plays the titular character.

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“I’d love the show to keep going, but it’s only going to keep going as long as [Sudeikis] feels like it’s a cool thing for him, not only to do creatively and professionally, but personally,” he said.

“The cool thing about this is when we started, we plotted out everybody’s beginning, middle and end…. I would say that this story is going to be over next year, regardless, even if the show finds another story to tell and goes on.”

Season 3 of “Ted Lasso” is currently in production. A premiere date has not been announced.

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