Dog Rides Mechanical Bull Without FallingThis dog and their owner entered the mechanical bull ring at a fair, and the dog was seated on the bull. They sat on it as it moved without falling off from it while the crowd cheered.
Dog Pretends To Faint While Getting Her Nails TrimmedGinger the dog reluctantly offered her paw, because she wanted to escape the nail trim, she pretended to shut down and collapsed on the ground like a lifeless body.
This Little Dog Doesn't Need To Swim!Pug rides swimming owner across pool.
Passenger Says Delta Made Him Sit In Dog Poop Or Miss FlightA passenger on a Delta Air Lines flight says he felt "dehumanized" when he was forced to either sit in dog feces or miss his flight.
Bayside: Southeastern Guide Dogs (2/7)Southeastern Guide Dogs have been canging lives for 30 years by providing guide dogs to the visually impaired and service dogs to veterans.
Bayside: Humane Society of Pinellas (11/29 & 12/27)The Humane Society of Pinellas is the largest No-Kill animal shelter in Pinellas County. They have been caring for the homeless pets in their community since 1949. They are committed to keeping people and pets together through a variety of programs including affordable pet care, spay/neuter clinics and a pet food pantry. When pet surrender is the only option, they're committed to giving each pet the love, care and attention it deserves. Also, their no time limit policy offers the opportunity for every adoptable pet to have its own second chance success story. Tune in to this episode of Bayside for more.