Police: Driver Flees Accident Scene Leaving Bumper, Calls Afterward For Help To Retrieve KeysA driver who fled the scene of an accident left behind a bumper -- and then called police right after the crash when he or she locked their keys in the car, according to police in Utah.
'Not A Page Gone': First Responders Find Intact Bibles Among Tornado WreckageAs clean-up efforts continue in middle Tennessee following Tuesday's deadly tornadoes, first responders have found at least three untouched Bibles among the wreckage.
College Students Raising $75,000 For Wendy's Worker Malcolm Coleman, Who Lost His Home In A FireA group of college students in South Carolina are trying to raise $75,000 for a fast-food restaurant employee who lost his home in a fire.
WATCH: Homeowner Uses Motion-Activated Sprinkler To Scare Off ThievesA California homeowner who was tired of dealing with thieves prowling her neighborhood took matters into her own hands and turned a sprinkler into a security system.
Woman Takes Diligent Care Of Plant For Two Years Before Realizing It's FakeA California woman who nurtured a "beautiful succulent" for two years says she had no idea the plant was fake.
'Panda Yoga' Helps Elementary School Helps Kids Release StressAn elementary school in North Carolina says it's found a perfect way to help students refocus their classroom stress.
'I Was Furious': Mother Says Transgender Daughter Was Pulled Out Of High School DanceA mother in Georgia says she was "furious" when she learned her daughter was pulled out of a school dance because of her identification as a transgender female.
'I'm Rich!': 93-Year-Old Woman Reimbursed $5,700 For Savings Bonds Stolen 4 Years AgoA 93-year-old woman who lost more than two dozen $100 savings bonds in a burglary four years ago finally has her money back, thanks to some dedicated police officers.
Teen Who Pulled Woman From Fiery Car Crash Recognized For Heroic ActionsAn Indiana teenager is being hailed as a hero after saving a woman's life following a fiery car crash.
'It's Just Heartbreaking:' Thieves Steal Medicine From Toddler Battling CancerThe family of a 1-year-old girl battling cancer is begging the person who stole their child's cancer medicine to return it and other possessions taken from their vehicle.
Hospital Nurses Throw Surprise Birthday Party For Cancer Patient: 'It Made Me Kind Of Tear Up A Bit'A Kentucky woman who has been fighting a life-threatening blood disorder for more than a year got a big surprise for her 18th birthday.
'I'm Really Upset': Girl Scouts Cheated Out Of Cookie Proceeds With Fake CashGirl Scout cookies are big business this time of year and fraudsters from Florida to Oregon are taking advantage by passing along fake money.
Officer Uses Tourniquet To Help Save Girl Shot In Drive-By: 'It’s What I’m Sworn To Do'An 11-year-old girl who was shot in a drive-by shooting may have a police officer and his use of a tourniquet to thank for being alive.
Police: Thief Steals Cart, Money From Firefighters At Grocery Store After Emergency CallA woman stole a firefighters' cart and money to purchase items at an Indiana grocery store after they received an emergency call and had to leave the store, police said.
Nurse Surprises Dying Patient With Heartwarming Song: 'There Wasn't A Dry Eye In The House'A nurse in Ohio is being hailed for going above and beyond to give one last surprise to a hospital patient being moved to hospice care.