Movie Review: Fantastic Four The new Fantastic Four reboot keeps the franchise's legacy of awful movies intact, by tearing down the foundation of what made the first family of Marvel great.
Movie Review: Ricki and the FlashRicki and the Flash is nothing noteworthy, but Streep and the rest of the cast rise above the material to make a decent film to watch on a rainy Redbox day.
Movie Review: The Gift The Gift will mess with your mind and make you think twice about what you say about people behind their backs.
Movie Review | Mission: Impossible – Rogue NationMission: Impossible – Rogue Nation is a cool film, that delivers the action you expect during the heart of the summer movie season.
Movie Review: PixelsPixels isn't an all out cinematic disaster like many (including myself) had predicted, but I can't help wondering what could have been if another creative team and group of actors outside of Sandler's stale comedy clique had a shot at bringing Pixels to the big screen.
Movie Review: SouthpawThe action outside the ring in Southpaw can be just as fierce as the work inside the ropes with Billy Hope (Gyllenhaal) trying to rebuild the pieces of his broken life.
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Movie Review: Self/LessSelf/Less keeps your attention while the film is rolling, but lacks that something special that makes a movie memorable.
Movie Review: Terminator GenisysTerminator Genisys allows fans of the franchise something fresh moving forward while still honoring its past in grand popcorn action style.
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