Trending: Paris Hilton Is Engaged, Prince Philip Admitted To Hospital As Precautionary Measure And Ashley Judd shares photos Of Her Near-Fatal AccidentTrending: Paris Hilton is engaged, Prince Philip admitted to hospital as precautionary measure and Ashley Judd shares photos and expresses gratitude after her near-fatal accident.
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Azealia Banks Stuns Fans With Pet-Boiling VideoAzealia Banks stuns fans with pet-boiling video.
Trending: Anna Kendrick Jokingly Thanks Her Twitter hacker, Tom Cruise rants at Mission Impossible Crew Members Over Covid 19 Rules Breach, And Keshia Knight Pulliam Is Engaged.Trending: Anna Kendrick jokingly thanks her Twitter hacker, Tom Cruise rants at Mission Impossible crew members over Covid 19 rules breach, and Keshia Knight Pulliam is engaged.
Trending: Lily Collins Is Engaged, Drew Barrymore Reunites After 15 Years With Ex Husband Tom Green, And Dax Shepard Suffers Sobriety SlipLily Collins is engaged, Drew Barrymore reunites after 15 years with ex husband Tom Green, and Dax Shepard suffers sobriety slip.
Trending: Jada Pinkett Smith Denies Claims She Had Affair With August Alsina, Sia Becomes A Grandmother And Cardi B Denies Stealing Lyrics From Tik Tok StarJada Pinkett Smith denies claims she had affair with August Alsina, Sia becomes a grandmother and Cardi B denies stealing lyrics from Tik Tok star.
Chris Noth Welcomes Second Son At Age Of 65, Justin Bieber Defends Claim About Tom Cruise In A Fight, And Chris Pratt HoneymoonChris Noth, Justin Bieber, Tom Cruise, and Chris Pratt all trending.
Liquid Hydrogen Experiment Explosion at the Museum of DiscoveryThe video shows the final experiment of combining liquid Nitrogen with hot water to create a reaction.
Vogue Answers Victoria's Secret 'Perfect Body' With Beauty 'In All Sizes'In a steamy lingerie photo shoot, Vogue captures "perfect bodies" in all their curvaceous glory, creating an Internet sensation that body-positive supporters call an answer to  Victoria's Secret's controversial lingerie photo, "The Perfect Body" -- a double entendre on the name of their line, but featuring skin-and-bones thin models.
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