A Wicked Offer: A Session Confession (8/19)igh school sweethearts Jake and Samantha from Englewood, Ohio, want to be able give their two young boys everything they need, and to help bring down their debt. Host and legal analyst Matthew J. O’Connor presents the couple with two scandalous and controversial tasks involving their unsuspecting friends and families for various cash prizes. The couple must then decide how far they are willing to go to make their dreams a reality.
ANTM: The Guy Who Gets Shipped Out (8/19)The remaining models must do a runway walk on shipping containers raised high above the ground and if they make it across, they will remain in the competition. Tyra guides the models in a photo shoot where they are bound together and the first contestant is eliminated.
Dates: Stephen & Mia/ Jenny & Christian (7/30)Stephen pretends to be someone else for a night and gets a brand new date out of it.
BnB: Shotgun Wedding (7/30)Dr. Vincent Keller & Detective Catherine Chandler humbly request your presence.
Penn & Teller: Knife of the Party (7/27)Will Penn & Teller be fooled this week? An all-star line up comes to a new "Fool Us!"
The Messengers: Houston, We Have a Problem (7/24)Don't miss the face-off that could end the world on tonight's SERIES FINALE of "The Messengers!"
Dates: David and Ellie & Erica Callum (7/23)David hasn't been deterred from online dating, but can Ellie win him over?
BnB: Both Sides Now (7/23)Will VinCat elope or just use that as an excuse to get out of town?
Penn & Teller: Fool Us | The Invisi-Ball Thread (7/13)Who will fool Penn & Teller this week?
BnB: The Most Dangerous Beast (7/9)When Cat (Kristin Kreuk) is assigned to a new partner by Tess (Nina Lisandrello), she begins to suspect that Bob (guest star Alan Van Sprang) and Carol (guest star Natasha Henstridge) have re-surfaced to separate her from Vincent (Jay Ryan) and hunt them both down.
Dates | Series Premiere July 9thA new series about the complicated art of dating.