The holidays are fast approaching, which means that you need to look good in all those photos. Instead of wearing the same argyle sweater from Christmases past, look sharp and try one of these looks inspired by cast members from your favorite CW shows. From dressy to casual we have the right outfit for any event you’re planning on attending this season.

For Going Out

Think you look too uptight in a three-piece suit? We do too. Looking simultaneously cool yet sophisticated is a mystery to most. Fortunately, the slim-fit suit is the answer to this puzzle as it is versatile and appropriate for almost any occasion. So forget fumbling with bowties and finding matching cuff-links. In this case, less is more. Austin Butler of The Carrie Diaries wears a black slim-fit suit with a matching fitted shirt and adds some personality with a square-bottomed wool tie. Paul Wesley of The Vampire Diaries leaves the top two buttons of his white fitted shirt undone, which gives him that “cool guy” look. As for the shoes, you don’t want anything too flashy. A dark colored single monkstrap or mocktoe loafer will do. Remember that whatever style you choose, keep it casual yet classy.

Austin Butler from "The Carrie Diaries" (Photo credit: Getty Images)

Austin Butler from “The Carrie Diaries” (Photo credit: Getty Images)

Paul Wesley from "The Vampire Diaries" (Photo credit: Getty Images)

Paul Wesley from “The Vampire Diaries” (Photo credit: Getty Images)

Street Style

There’s no doubt that jacket season is in full swing. Instead of continuously wearing that sweaty hoodie you have probably worn all week (Don’t worry, we do it too), take your lady friend on a nice walk in the park while looking sharp in a sport coat. Sport coats are great because they are comfortable and can be worn with your favorite pair of jeans. Additionally, you can look smart without too much effort. From tweed to velvet, sport coats come in a variety of materials. Just make sure that you pick a muted color for fall. While you can wear a plain shirt beneath, wear a plaid or heavily patterned shirt for a change. Toby Regbo, Prince Francis in CW’s Reign, pairs his sports a periwinkle blue velvet sport coat with a flower patterned shirt. Distressed brown calfskin leather shoes complete the look.

(Photo credit: Toby Regbo)

Toby Regbo from Reign (Photo credit: Getty Images)

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