Floridians know that swimwear is a necessary part of the everyday wardrobe. Whether it’s the beach, pool or water park, an attractive bathing suit that works for you is always at the top of the list. No matter your shape or size, certain tips can be taken into account to make that swimsuit bod look great. Read on to look your best in the sun.

Aqua Beachwear
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331 John Ringling Blvd.
Sarasota, FL 34236
(941) 388-1205 | http://www.aquabeachwear.com

Aqua Beachwear is one of Florida’s top swimwear shops. Featuring swimwear by designers such as DKNY, Ralph Lauren, Oakley, Tommy Bahama, Marc Jacobs and many more, there is definitely something for everyone. The official website features helpful hints from its experienced professionals for swimwear shoppers to refer to. Below are some tips on how to get that perfect, confident summer look.

Tip 1Lycra Fabric

Shoppers who are looking to buy a suit that helps shape those vulnerable areas of the stomach and hips should try Lycra fabric. Check the tag before purchasing to see if your suit is made from this material. The Lycra allows for a slimming, flattering look to give a sleek impression. Luckily, most swimsuits are now made of Lycra so it shouldn’t be too hard to locate one.

Tip 2: Choose Darker Colors

Choosing a swimsuit that is black or navy is a great idea for shoppers who might have larger hips or busts. All dark colors allow a person to look slimmer, whereas light colors make things look a bit bigger than someone might want when wearing a bathing suit. This look can be achieved through a one-piece or two-piece suit depending on which kind you choose. Colors such as light blue, lavender or light pink probably wouldn’t be great options if a discrete look is trying to be achieved.

Tip 3: Drop the Flip-Flops

Though flip-flops are comfortable in the summer heat, a small wedge heel on a sandal allows legs to look longer. While it doesn’t have to be a four-inch heel, a slight wedge helps shorter legs to become sleek and attractive.

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Tip 4Mix and Match Pieces

For those with a “pear shape,” it is recommended to mix and match the two pieces when wearing a bikini. Dark-colored bottoms paired with a calm-printed top make all shapes look and seem perfect. Printed bottoms and solid tops also make a great look. Pairing the two together allows a “pear shape” to look different because the two styles can “break up” the shape. If going for a one-piece swimsuit, choose a printed design and not a solid to keep the body looking slim.

Tip 5Use Design

Some shoppers might have slightly larger hips which might cause for some troubles when it comes to buying a suit. Choose a swimsuit that has designs on the straps on the top or the waist around the bottoms to take the attention off of the hips. Designs and gems around the neckline of the swimsuit also helps keep the focus on the top of the swimsuit. One-piece suits also help someone look curvy without showing too much hip.

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