PINELLAS COUNTY (CW44 News At 10) - According to a Twitter post from Baycare, for the second day in a row, Tropicana Field COVID-19 Testing site forced to turn away residents after depleting testing supplies. On Monday, June 29th, A Pinellas County COVID-19 testing site shut down after running out of tests. Hundreds of cars lined up outside of Tropicana Field, Monday morning, just before sunrise to catch their spot in line for Covid-19 testing. The site was created as a partnership between the City of St. Pete, Baycare Health System, The Florida Dept. of Health in Pinellas and Pinellas County and opened at 7:00 a.m. Testing was on a first come, first serve basis. What they didn’t expect is the overwhelming amount of cars that would show up. Just an hour after opening, the site had to be shut down after reaching capacity. CW44 News at 10 reached out to Baycare who released this statement reading in part “No one likes turning people away, but unfortunately the nation’s supply lines and laboratories capacity continue to struggle to expand fast enough to keep up with COVID-19’s spread and the increased demand for testing.”. Health officials say 357 people were tested before they made the announcement to shut the site down. Testing materials had run out. St. Pete Mayor Rick Kriseman responded to the shut down given the site’s partnership with the City of St. Pete. On social media he said in part "The testing capacity is disappointing. We are working with the state to bring additional, expanded testing with Saturday and evening hours to another St. Pete site ASAP." The St. Pete Police Department took to Twitter during the shut down. The department urged citizens right away to return to the site when it opens back up on Tuesday at 7:00 a.m. For more testing info, call 1-800-BAYCARE.

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Tampa Attorney Gives Back To Families In NeedOne local business owner is trying something new from his office this Thanksgiving. After making it through a pandemic without having to face a shutdown he’s giving back to the community who has helped him stay in business. 
A Deadly Weekend Across Tampa Bay Leaves Law Enforcement On The HuntIn a deadly weekend across the Tampa Bay area, law enforcement officers are asking citizens to come forward with leads as they investigate multiple shootings over the weekend. 
Eta: County Officials Share Safety Tips As Cleanup ContinuesOfficials are continuing response efforts across Tampa Bay following Tropical Storm Eta. Local government officials share tips to help keep you and your family safe during this cleanup and recovery effort. 
Eta Aftermath In The Tampa Bay AreaResidents across Tampa Bay are continuing to document the impact and aftermath of tropical storm Eta. Both Pinellas and Hillsborough County officials declared local states of emergency ahead of the storm.
Amendment 2 Passes In Florida, Reactions From Both SidesAmendment 2 has passed in Florida which will increase the minimum wage to $15 per hour over the course of the next few years. Some Floridians have been celebrating the victory while others are more apprehensive. 
Clearwater Man Arrested After Threatening Lives Of Florida PoliticiansCLEARWATER, Fla. (CW44 News At 10) - A Clearwater man was arrested Wednesday after police say he threatened to kill Florida state government officials and President Donald Trump’s supporters. Detectives are speaking about the arrest telling CW44 News at 10 they have zero-tolerance for threats in their community.  Clearwater Police Lieutenant Michael Walek was at the forefront of the investigation this week. Police say those threats came from 61-year-old Richard Szala of Clearwater. “We got information from an internet-based intelligence gathering source that this was being posted on YouTube,” said Lt. Michael Walek. 
This Election, 'One For The Ages', Says Pasco Supervisor Of ElectionsWe brought you a voter reaction here in Tampa Bay on election night. Now that those ballots are in, we're breaking down which counties lien blue and which went red for the presidential race and seem to be pretty close. CW44's Andrea Alvarez tracks the data and speaks with election leaders.
Election Day Voting in Hillsborough County A SuccessWhile we had voters from both parties share their choice for president, all voters who showed up on Election Day had one thought on their minds, 'Who will be the next president of the United States?'. Voices count in this historic election. CW44's Andrea Alvarez spoke to several Tampa Bay voters throughout Election Day and shares their stories.
Florida's Amendment 2: One Group Says It's Not As Glamorous As It SeemsFLORIDA (CW44 News At 10) - Hoping to sway last minute voters, one advocacy group points out the negative impact to Florida if Amendment two is passed.
Elder Abuse: Woman Steals Over $100k In Valuables From Tampa Assisted Living FacilityAuthorities seeking more victims following the arrest of a 30-year-old Florida woman that admittedly stole more than $100,000 of items from the elderly at an assisted living facility in Tampa. Katie Johnston reports.
CW44 News At 10_10.29.20_Alvarez_DuelingRalliesDueling rallies. Both residential candidates are in Tampa today fighting for Florida votes. Democratic nominee Joe Biden hosted a socially-distanced rally after campaigning earlier in South Florida. CW44's Andrea Alvarez spoke with the voters at that Biden drive in event.
The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office is unveiling its new behavioral resources unit.The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office is unveiling its new behavioral resources unit.
Body Cameras Coming Soon To Pinellas County Sheriff's DeputiesPINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. (CW44 News At 10) - Body cameras will soon be fitted on Pinellas County deputies.  On Wednesday, October 28, 2020, Sheriff Bob Gualtieri implemented the body-worn camera program at the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office. Recognizing the public's desire for body-worn cameras and the sheriff's own desire to maintain absolute transparency, the program will initially outfit 30 deputies for a field trial. Those deputies are from areas throughout the agency that have contact with the public. The field trial will serve to work through logistics and draft policy which will lead to the outfitting of more than 800 deputies. Believing technology has exponentially changed for the better, Sheriff Gualtieri has selected leading manufacturer Axon, formerly known as Taser International. The body-worn cameras will automatically activate when a deputy draws their firearm, turns on their electronic control weapon (TASER), and can also be manually activated by the deputy. The program will cost approximately three million dollars per year for the next five years and will include the body-worn camera, TASER, a new in-car video system and holster activation which will work in conjunction with one another. Sheriff Gualtieri stated, "Body-worn cameras are something that I absolutely endorse and embrace. I am listening to our community that overwhelmingly supports and wants these cameras, and I am committed to making that happen." ©2020 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Amendment 2 Advocate Speaks Out About Fight For $15 In FloridaWe come in contact with these workers nearly every single day while stopping for food picking up groceries. Some of us are these workers. Local advocates for raising the minimum wage across the state are speaking out about their struggle and why Amendment 2 on the ballot is vital.
Early Voting Sites: Pinellas Has 5 Sites To Hillsborough's 26The League of Women Voters of North Pinellas County discuss discrimination, long lines and a lack of early voting sites in Pinellas County. 
President Trump Votes In Person In FL, Insists Vote-By-Mail Not SecureAs Election Day grows near, President Donald Trump is still publicly casting doubt on the safety of Florida's vote-by-mail election process. The woman responsible for making sure Florida's election runs smoothly spoke with CW44 News At 10's election expert, Jim DeFede to address reports of foreign interference and her confidence in Florida's vote-by-mail process. 
Ivanka Stumps In Florida Ahead Of President Trump's Wednesday VisitFighting for Florida, Ivanka Trump spent part of the day stumping in Sarasota for her father, President Donald Trump. Ivanka held Make America Great Again rally there. She also tweeted out a reminder to get out and vote early, pushing the largely republican dominated area to show their support for her father for another term. Ivanka also held an event in Miami tonight ahead of President Trump's scheduled visit there tomorrow.
Zeta Intensifies, Packing Life-Threatening Storm Surge To Gulf Coast(CW44 News At 10 | CNN) - Zeta is now packing a life-threatening storm surge that threatens the Gulf coast from Louisiana and all of the Florida panhandle. As of early morning on Wednesday, Zeta has strengthened back into a hurricane as it approaches the Gulf Coast.
Crook Gets Away With $15k In Antique Rings In St. PeteThe St. Petersburg Police need help identifying a brazen thief caught on camera stealing $15,000 worth of rings.
Vote-By-Mail Tips: How To Avoid Common ErrorsPASCO COUNTY, Fla. (CW44 News At 10) - With vote-by-mail setting historical records this election year, CW44 News At 10 spoke with Pasco's Supervisor of Elections to help voters identify common errors and avoid them.  “We sent out about almost 40% of our entire voter roll [who] requested vote-by-mail ballots,” said Brian Corley, Pasco County Supervisor of Elections.  With vote-by-mail shattering records across the country this year, mostly due to the pandemic, voters are raising questions about how to vote without having their ballot returned due to any voter error. And since some of these details are vital to your vote being counted, we've created a checklist.  Afteryou’vefilled in your ballot, put your ballot in the secrecy envelope and the secrecy envelope in the postage-paid return envelope. Enclose only your ballot.  Now this step is important: seal it and sign your name on the back where indicated. The signature on file at the supervisor of elections office is the signature that will be used to verify the one on your certificate envelope.  Print the date next to your signature and mail your ballot back to -or drop it off at- any county supervisor of elections office or ballot drop-off location.  If you make a mistake, that’s ok. Just call the supervisor of elections office to request another ballot. Their office will only accept one ballot per person.  “I hear this a lot with vote by mail ballots: ‘someone can vote twice if you get two ballots.’ No you really can’t. If you vote by mail and you send two back, there’s safe-guards in place. It only allows the receipt of the first one that comes back in,” said Corley.  Keep in mind, the later your return your mail ballot, the less time you have to fix any signature deficiencies. Any errors are determined by the canvassing board who checks the validity of the ballot.  Because postal delivery service has changed, voters are advised to allow at least one week for their ballot to be returned by mail to the supervisor of elections office.  Note that if you received a mail ballot but changed your mind and want to vote at your precinct, remember to take your mail ballot with you to your polling place. Poll workers will cancel that mail ballot and you’ll be allowed to vote a regular ballot there.  Remember, vote-by-mail ballots won’t be accepted at polling places. You must drop them off at one of the Supervisor of Elections offices by 7 p.m. on election day. There is no limit to the number of ballots a person may return on behalf of other voters. And don’t forget, you can track your ballot. 
League Of Women Voters of St. Pete Focus: Voter Suppression & Early VotingPINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. (CW44 News At 10) - Week one of early voting across Tampa Bay is now wrapping up one local organization is working to make sure the voting process has gone smoothly in St. Petersburg and other areas. CW44's Andrea Alvarez sat down with those leaders, Friday to discuss the issues. "We're really passionate about reducing voter suppression and just making sure that we have - folks have unfettered access to their democracy," said Linsey Grove, President of League of Women Voters of St. Pete.   Celebrating 100 years right now, the League of Women Voters has had their work cut out for them in 2020. They're a nonpartisan political organization that focuses on empowering voters, defending democracy and urging the community to advocate for issues that they care about. "The St. Petersburg area is a local chapter that's a part of the Florida league." The St. Petersburg chapter in Tampa Bay was one of the original founders of the Florida State league, so they've been around for quite some time. "Part of our decades-long process, we actually, every single year come up with what we call a program, and the program is just made up of the issues that our membership decides to work on. But then, of course, we also have issues that are local that we care about. And a lot of times they align with state priorities and even federal priorities. For instance, one of our issues that we focus on is immigration. We also work on reproductive justice, we work on gun safety."
Local Researcher & Election Official Discuss Voter Fraud Allegations(CW44 News At 10) - CW44 News At 10 reported part 1 on Monday that researchers at USF released new findings from a statewide presidential election survey. In part two, we digging deeper into some of the concerns voters have shared and what that data means. Among the different concerns voters have voiced during this election are lack of fairness and voter fraud across the united states. More specifically having to do with the vote-by-mail system after current elected officials have pointed to the system as being corrupt. “It is a safe option. There are safeguards in place to make sure that votes are counted; votes are counted accurately and fairly,” said Joshua Scacco, Associate Professor of Political Communication, USF. “There’s simply just no evidence of widespread, massive orchestrated voter fraud,” said Brian Corley, Supervisor of Elections for Pasco County.  A survey was conducted and released Tuesday by researchers at the University of South Florida on the 2020 presidential election. Of the 600 Florida residents who responded to the survey, 1/3, or 29%, stated they were either “not very confident” or “not at all confident” that this election would be conducted fairly.  CW44's Andrea Alvarez sat down with Professor Scacco who was one of three researchers behind that data to talk about those opinions being formed based on this election.  “Even as some candidates denigrate mail balloting, their political parties that they’re affiliated with are still telling their supporters to vote by mail ballot,” said Scacco. “For example, the President of the United States has voted by mail ballot in Florida, as well as a number of members of his administration have also voted by mail ballot. So, this is one of those instances where words matter, and what the words are doing is they’re potentially impacting faith that individuals have in the election process,” said Scacco.  When asked if there have ever been issues in Pasco County with voter fraud, Corley replied, “In my 14 year tenure, there’s been less than a handful, but again, one is too many, certainly.” He elaborated there is no evidence to show that those cases were widespread enough to impact the outcome of the presidential race. “The documented cases tend to be very, very small in scale and they’re individual, actually. They’re not calculated to alter outcomes,” said Corley.  While we don’t get a look at practices helping to prevent voter fraud which Corley says, “could reveal some of our methods and sources, of course,” he reassured CW44 that the process works. Scacco also says the bottom line is that practices are in place and they’re working. He describes, “We see isolated instances where some campaigns have broken state laws. The key component is, we know about those because - they’ve been discovered - because the system has worked.”  ©2020 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Early Voting Sets Records In Pasco County, Anticipate Breaking MorePASCO COUNTY, Fla. (CW44 News At 10) - Pasco County voting officials tell CW44 News At 10, early voting records are still being broken this week. Officials are working to address voter concerns at the polls. Among those concerns is potential voting harassment. Pasco County early voting has gone exceedingly and historically well during its first week, according to Supervisor of Elections, Brian Corley. "We sent out about - almost 40% of our entire voter roll requested vote-by-mail ballots. And we've gotten back nearly 100,000, which is historic in and of itself." Early voting started Monday in Pasco County. "And that was actually our busiest first day of early voting in the history of early voting." Corley says that trend has continued despite inclement weather there. "I have to say I've been so impressed with with the voters and I really want to thank them because - we're trying to administer the most scrutinized election ever during a pandemic. And the voters have been pretty understanding." New this year are the use of gymnasiums as an early voting spot, which Corley says has been a major help with turnout. When asked about any challenges over the last week during early voting, Corley responded, "Probably managing expectations, because we notified voters back in May, that, you know, we didn't know if we were gonna have polling places my poll workers and we knew there'd be lines at a minimum and there are lines," But he says voters have been comforted when they show up to find out safety protocols are strictly in place to create a safe, social-distanced early voting process. However, safety protocols have now gone further than social-distancing.
Peloton Recall: 27,000 Bikes Affected(CW44 News At 10) - The fitness company, Peloton is recalling 27,000 bikes in the US. Find out below if your bike is affected and how to order replacement parts. As the second wave of Covid spreads across the U.S., many people are opting for home gyms. If a Peloton bike is in your arsenal of home fitness, be sure to confirm if your bike is part of 27,000 that have been recalled. The fitness company reports at least 120 complaints of pedals breaking which can cit rider's legs. At least 16 people have been injured with five of those requiring medical treatment.  According to Peloton's website, the recall covers out-of-warranty PR70P clip-in pedals due to risk of axle breaks. PR70P pedals are the first generation of pedals and were fitted on Bikes sold between July 2013 and May 2016. If you bought your Bike between July 2013 and May 2016 and have never replaced your pedals, you may still have PR70P pedals fitted on your Bike.

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